Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 8. Revision
Unit 1. Hello, Friends!


·    to review language of Unit 1.

Vocabulary and Structure: recycling Materials:

flashcards with icons (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12), MP, AB, PB Audio, AB Audio, scissors, glue or a Scotch tape, an ice-cream stick.


Ps can use greetings in their talks with mates. They can introduce themselves. They can role-play asking someone's name.


·    Come up to some Ps one by one saying, ‘Hello, ... (Tolik)! How are you?”. Elicit their answers ‘I'm fine. Thank you.”

·    Ps work in pairs asking and answering to each other.

·    Take the flashcards with icons of Sam's instructions (except # 8, 11, 13) and revise all of them saying each instruction along with your Ps in chorus and holding up the flashcards one by one.

·    Put the flashcards with icons with their faces down onto the table. Divide the class in two teams and get the members of each team to stand in a line. Draw two columns on the board for team 1 and 2. Explain to them that they're going to play a game on recognising and saying instructions. A pupil who stands first in a line of each team should come up to the table, choose a flashcard, look at the icon, show it to the class and say the instruction, then put the flashcard on the table with its face down again and take his/her seat at the desk. For the correct answer the team gets a point which is drawn like a stick on the board. Every team takes part in turns sending its members one by one up to the moment nobody is left in the line. The winner is the team which gets more points. From time to time you should rotate the flashcards on the table.


MP unit 1 presentation

·    Draw Ps' attention to the screen and ask them to repeat after the speaker. Play the MP.

MP unit 1 game 2

·    Play MP Game 2. Ask Ps to come up one by one to click the correct picture after listening each phrase.


AB p.12 task 1

·    Get Ps to open their AB and be prepared to tick the appropriate icons one by one while listening to the instructions.

·    Play the AB Audio (track Act.Book_Smiling Sam- Unit 1-p 12_task1). Ps find and tick the icons. Ask a few to pronounce instructions in the order they hear them.


1 Sing and point.

2 Point and say.

3 Act out.

MP unit 1 game 1

·    Explain to your Ps that they are going to watch the screen on which they'll see one picture with a tick and a cross. They should listen to a phrase and decide if the speaker is right. If the phrase is appropriate to the picture a pupil should click the tick. If the phrase isn't right, a pupil should click the cross. Play MP Game 2. Ask Ps to come up one by one to click a tick or a cross after listening each phrase. Help the first pupil to demonstrate the right actions in front of the class.

Script and Answer Key

1 Hello, my name is Smiling Sam.

2 Hello, I am Ben.


3 How are you? - I'm fine.

4 Hello, I am Ben.

5 Hi! Nice to meet you.


6 Hi! Nice to meet you.

AB p.12 task 2

·    Ask Ps if they can count in Ukrainian/Russian and write numbers 1-6 well. Ps count. Ask one pupil to dictate numbers 1-6 in order. Ask Ps to come up one by one and write an appropriate number down on the blackboard.

·    Get your Ps to open their AB on page 12. Draw their attention to the pictures in task 2 and explain that after the listening to each phrase they should number pictures in the order they hear phrases.

·    Play PB Audio track Unit -1-Les_8-1 and make pauses after each phrase. Your Ps write down the number by the appropriate picture.


1) — Hello! I'm Ben.

2) — Hi! Nice to meet you!

3) — Goodbye!

4) — Hello, my name is Smiley!

5) — I'm Vic. What is your name?

6) — How are you? — I'm fine, thank you.

Answer Key: 1) 3; 2) 1; 3) 6; 4) 5; 5) 2; 6) 4.

·    Get Ps to colour the pictures in task 2. Then ask some volunteers to come up and point to the pictures in their AB saying the appropriate phrases in front of the class. The class helps if there is a mistake.

AB p. 95

·    Get your Ps to open their AB on the last page and choose any character they like.

·    Explain how to make a stick puppet demonstrating the actions with the character you've cut out beforehand. Show them how to stick an ice-cream stick. You may use a Scotch tape instead of glue.

·    Your Ps are making a puppet. Come up to those who needs your help.

Acting out

·    Take two stick puppets and produce the dialogue in front of the class:

A: What's your name?

B: I am ... (Ben). What is your name?

A: I’m ... (Nick).

·    Encourage your PS to work in pairs acting out the dialogue.

·    Ask some volonteers to demonstrate their puppets' talk in class.


·    End the lesson with praising your Ps ‘Well done! You're great pupils!'

·    Sing the ‘Goodbye' song along with your Ps.