Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 1
Unit 2. My School


·    to introduce and practise the names of school things

·    to say a chant ‘School Tree'


school tree, school things, bag, pen, pencil, book, you, me


Come and look. Come and see.


PB, PB Audio, AB, AB audio, MP, several big sheets of paper with a shape of a tree in dots each.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to name some school things. They will be able to say a rhyme along with you.


·    Start the first lesson with entering your classroom and saying ‘Hi! How are you?'. Come up to a few Ps to get their answers.


·    Hold a bag up in front of the class. Say, ‘a bag'. Then, hold up a pen and say, ‘a pen.' After that, hold up a pencil and say, ‘a pencil'. Finally, hold a book up and say, ‘a book'. Repeat the above procedure a few times and get Ps to repeat after you.

·    Say the words (‘bag', ‘pen', ‘pencil', ‘book') and get Ps to point to the corresponding objects.

MP. Unit 2. Songs & Rhymes 1.

·    Ask your Ps to watch the screen and play your Multimedia Programme. Do it twice.


School Tree -

School Tree

Come and look:

Come and see:

A bag, a pen, a pencil

All school things

And a book.

For you and me.

PB p.20 t.1

·    Get your Ps to open their books on page 20. Hold up your book and point to the school tree and say twice, ‘school tree', then point to all the things on it saying, ‘school things' twice.

·    Ask your Ps to look at the school tree in their books and listen to the audio. Play the PB Audio (track Unit -2-Les_1-1) and holding up your book, point to the object you hear each time, show ‘come and look', ‘come and see' and ‘for you and me' in gestures. Encourage Ps to do the same twice.


·    Play the audio again doing pauses after each line of the chant and get Ps to repeat. Ask your Ps to point to the objects on the tree each time.

·    Say the chant along with your Ps several times.

AB p.13 t.1

·    Get Ps to open their AB and prepare to listen to the audio AB Audio (track Act.Book_Smiling Sam- U2- p 13_task1). Explain to them that they should listen and tick the objects they hear.


A pencil, a bag, a book, a pen.

·    Let your Ps colour the school things in their ABs.

·    Ask your Ps to work in pairs pointing and naming the school things in their ABs to each other.

·    Hold up a book (a pen, a pencil and a bag) and get your Ps to name each of the school things.

Making a School Tree.

·    Tell your Ps that they are going to make their school trees. Divide Ps into groups of five. Each group has a big white sheet of paper with a School Tree (of different shapes) drawn in dots (you had prepared beforehand.) One member of a group should trace the tree and colour it (in green or yellow and red). Other four members should draw a picture of a school thing. Ask them to agree about the object in order to have all school things they have learnt in English on their tree. Ps can use instructions in pictures (task 4, page 21) in their PBs. Ps draw, then cut out and stick the objects on their tree.

·    Make a gallery of Ps' works. Ask 1-2 volunteers from each group to come up to their School Tree and name the school things pointing to each one.


·    Play the chant PB Audio (track Unit -2-Les_1-1) making pauses to repeat after each line.

·    Say the chant along with your Ps who point to each object in their PBs and do other actions showing the meanings of chant's lines in gestures.