Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 3
Unit 2. My School


·    to introduce new vocabulary

·    to practise the structure of the previous lesson

·    to practise classroom instructions


table, pencil case, chair, and


PB, PB Audio, AB, MP, flashcards # 18-22, 23, 24, 25, poster # 5


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to say a chant pointing to corresponding school things. They will be able to follow classroom instructions.


·    Say to your Ps, “Hi! How are you?”. Get them to answer you, “Fine. Thank you.”

·    Address to any pupil saying his/her name. Ask him/ her to come up to the board and draw a half of any school thing you've learnt at the previous lessons. Encourage other Ps to guess what it is saying ‘It's a…’. Get a few Ps to draw one by one.


Mp. unit 2. Presentation 1

·    Get your Ps to watch the screen and clap when they hear a name of a new object. Ps watch the school things with familiar English names and with the new ones: a chair, a table, a pencil case.


A pen, a chair, a bag, a book, a table, a pencil case, a pencil.

·    Play the MP again getting your Ps to repeat after the speaker.

·    Stick poster # 5 on the board and draw Ps’ attention to it. Ask what they see on it. Pay attention to the puzzles around. Play PB Audio (track Unit -2-Les_3-1).


A book, a pen, a pencil,

A school bag and a table,

A pencil case and my chair.

·    While listening to the chant point to each puzzle with a school thing in it.

·    Play the audio again making pauses after each line and get your Ps to repeat.


MP. Unit 2. Game 1

·    Get Ps to watch the screen. Explain them that they'll play a game. They should listen to the speaker, find the object he/she names and click on the appropriate picture. Ask Ps to come up one by one.

PB p.23 t.1

·    Get your Ps to open their PBs on page 23 and pointing to the puzzles say the chant together with you several times.

·    Draw Ps' attention to the icon in task 3 (Match). Hold up your book and show your matching of the first puzzle with the appropriate object in the picture inside. Say, ‘It's a book.' Explain to Ps that they should do the same with the other puzzles. Do the matching of the second puzzle together holding up your book and saying, ‘It's a pen.'

·    Get your Ps to work in pairs matching the school things in puzzles with the same ones on the big picture of the classroom and saying ‘It's a .” Explain to Ps that they should take turns.

Play a Game with Flashcards

·    Stick six flashcards out of # 18 -25 on the board in some order.

·    Choose a P to come up to the board.

·    Ask the rest of the Ps to look at the pictures carefully for a few seconds and tell them to close their eyes.

·    The P at the board has to change the order of the flashcards.

·    After he/she has done it, the rest of the Ps open their eyes and try to remember how the order used to be.

·    You ask another P to put the order back. The rest of the class help him/her saying, ‘It's a ...'

·    Repeat the procedure with 6 different flashcards and Ps.

AB p.15 t.1

·    Get your Ps to open their ABs on page 15. Explain that they should trace the drawings and colour them. Then match with their shapes below.

·    After Ps have matched their pictures with the shapes ask a few to come up and show their ABs in front of the class showing their matching and saying “It’s a ... .“


·    Ask Ps to point to the objects or hold up the school things you are going to name saying, ‘It’s a ...” (Name the objects at random.)

·    Ask Ps to bring small envelopes for the next lesson.

·    Sing the ‘Goodbye' song with your Ps.