Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 5
Unit 2. My School


·    to introduce a Wh-question

·    to practise Yes/No question and answers to them


What is it? - It's a ... .


MP, PB, PB Audio, AB, flashcards # 18-25, a bedsheet, a torch, a toy chair, a toy table, white sheets of paper.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to sing a song with the new structure. They will be able to answer Yes/No questions.


·    Hold up flashcards one by one asking Ps questions, “Is it a ... ?”. Sometimes make mistakes encouraging your Ps to answer “Yes, it is” or “No, it isn't.”


·    Choose two Ps and tell them to come to the front of the class.

·    Tell Ps to hold the bedsheet at the corners so that it acts as a screen. Turn the lights off.

·    Hide seven objects (school things and toys) behind the sheet. Choose one, e.g. the book, hold it behind the sheet and shine the torch behind it so that the class can see its shadow from the other side. Then ask, ‘What is it?' Ps have to guess the object saying, “It's a ... .”

·    Repeat the procedure with the other things.


·    Hold up flashcard # 21 (a book) and ask Ps questions, “What is it? Is it a pen?”. Encourage your Ps to answer, “No, it isn't.” Continue asking questions, “What is it? Is it a pencil?” Your Ps answer, “No, it isn't.” Then ask “What is it? Is it a book?” Ps answer, “Yes, it is.”

MP. Unit 2. Songs and Rhymes 2

·    Get your Ps to watch the screen. Play MP. Your Ps listen to the song.


- What is it?

- Is it a pen?

- No, it isn't. (twice)

- What is it?

- Is it a pencil?

- No, it isn't. (twice)

- What is it?

- Is it a book?

- Yes, it is! (twice)

·    Say the words of the song line after line and encourage your Ps to repeat after you. Do it twice.

·    Play MP again invinting your Ps to sing along.

PB p.25 t.2

·    Draw your Ps' attention to the pictures in task 3. Ask them what the children are doing.

·    Explain to Ps that this is the instruction in the picture that shows how to play a guessing game.

·    Ask Ps to draw a school thing with a familiar English name. Ask them to do it in the way nobody sees it.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit -2-Les_5-1) and get your Ps to sing along (see the script above).

Play a Guessing Game

·    Choose a P to come up to the board with his/her picture hidden.

·    The P should ask, “What is it?”

·    The rest of the Ps try to guess asking, “Is it a ...?”

·    The P at the board answers, “Yes, it is” or “No, it isn't.”

·    The P who has guessed the picture has a right to come up to the board with his/her picture.

·    Repeat the procedure with other pupils.

AB p.17 t.1

·    Get Ps to open their ABs on page 17. Explain to them that they should colour the pictures and cut them out.

·    Explain to Ps that they are going to play a game in pairs. P1 takes any picture in the way his/her mate can't see it and asks the question, ”What is it?”. P2 tries to guess asking the question, “Is it a ...?”. After P2's right answer they take turns.


·    End the lesson with the revision of some chants and songs which Ps have learnt.

Play PB Audio and get Ps to sing songs or say chants along.

(track Unit -1-Les_4-1) Song “What is your name?”

(track Unit -1-Les_6-1) Chant “Hi, Ben! Nice to meet you!”

(track Unit -2-Les_1-1) Rhyme “School Tree”

(track Unit -2-Les_5-1) Song “What is it?”