Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 1
Unit 3. Family and Friends


·    to practise classroom instructions

·    to review numbers 1-6

·    to introduce new vocabulary


father, mother, sister, brother


This is my ...


PB, PB Audio, AB, MP, flashcards # 31,32,33,34, poster # 10, a box with some family member's objects (handbag, tie, cap, glasses, toy car, doll, earrings, jewellery, etc.)


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to greet family members. They will be able to point to and name family members in English. Ps will be able to understand and follow classroom instructions.


z Divide the class into six teams, numbered 1-6.

z Use the team numbers in a random order to give classroom instructions, e.g. ‘3 Stand up'. Each team carries out the instruction as quickly as possible.

z Vary the instructions and the team numbers that you call, sometimes repeating combinations, to keep the class alert.


MP. Unit 3. Songs & Rhymes 1

·    Get Ps to watch the screen. Play the MP twice.


Smiling Sam:

Hello, father!

Hello, mother!

Hello, sister!

Hello, brother!

·    Ask Ps what they saw on the screen. They tell you in their native language. Some of them can name family members.

·    Use flashcards (father, mother, brother, sister) to introduce the new vocabulary. Say each word and ask Ps to repeat after you.

·    Explain to Ps that you are going to pretend that the characters on the flashcards are members of your family. Ask Ps to say ‘hello' to everyone. Hold up flashcards in the rhyme order and encourage Ps to repeat its lines.


AB p.24 t.1

·    Get Ps to open their ABs on page 24 and trace Smiling Sam's family members.

·    Let Ps colour the pictures.

·    Ask some volunteers to come up with his/her AB and pretend he/she is Smiling Sam. Every P holds up his/ her coloured Sam's family in front of the class and says the rhyme greeting ‘his/her' family members.

PB p.34 t.2

·    Tell Ps that they are going to listen to Smiling Sam. Get them to open PB on page 34. Play PB Audio (track Unit -3-Les_1-2).


Smiling Sam: This is my family: my father, my mother, my sister and my brother.

·    Encourage Ps to repeat “This is my family” after you several times. Then ask them to point to each family member they hear and play the audio again making pauses for your Ps to repeat after each family member.

·    Stick poster # 10 on the board and explain to Ps that you are going to act out. Ask confident volunteers to pretend to be Smiling Sam and present Sam's family. Ask a few Ps to come up to the poster and present Sam's family.

Play a ‘Mime and Guess’ Game.

·    Put some objects such as a handbag, a tie, earrings, a cap (jewellery, glasses, a toy car, a doll etc.) in the box so that Ps can use them and pretend to be members of their families.

·    Tell a P to come to the front of the class and act like a member of his/her family. Then, he/she must say, ‘This is my...'.

·    The rest of the class has to guess which member of his/her family he/she is miming, by calling out, ‘father/mother/brother/sister'.

·    Repeat the same procedure with other Ps.

Play a “Listen, Family!” Game.

·    Hand out the family flashcards to four Ps at random without looking who has each card.

·    Say addressing to all those four Ps, ‘Listen, family!'. Give instructions to the family members, sometimes just to one, sometimes to two, e.g., ‘Father, open your book!', ‘Sister and brother, sit down!', ‘Brother, take your pen!' etc.

·    Rotate ‘families' in order to get as many Ps as possible to participate in the game.


·    Draw Ps' attention to the poster on the board. Ask them to pretend to be Sam and say ‘goodbye' to every Sam's family member, ‘Goodbye, father! Goodbye, mother! Goodbye, sister! Goodbye, brother!'