Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 2
Unit 3. Family and Friends


·    to practise phrases ‘How are you?' - ‘I'm fine. Thank you'

·    to practise structure ‘This is my

·    to present friends and family members using their names

·    to develop Ps' speaking skills


friend, Max


PB, PB Audio, AB, flashcards # 14 - 17 (characters); 31,32,33,34, poster # 11, Smiling Sam puppet, white sheets of paper (A4), scissors, several big sheets of cardboard, glue.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to present their friends and family members. They will be able to greet them and ask ‘How are you?'.


·    Explain to your Ps that they should greet every character you show on a flashcard (# 14 - 17) using their names, e.g., 'Hello, Liz!'.

·    Use the flashcards with the family members (# 31 - 34) to revise the vocabulary taught in the previous lesson.

·    Stick the flashcards on the board and ask Ps to memorise the order of the flashcards.

·    Then, change the order of the flashcards and ask Ps how the order has changed.


·    Stick poster # 11 on the board and tell Ps that they are going to listen to a talk. Play PB Audio (track Unit -3-Les 2-1).


Ben: This is my friend Nick. This is my family.

Father: Hello, Nick. How are you?

Nick: I'm fine. Thank you.

·    While Ps are listening to the talk, point to the character who is speaking each time.

·    Get Ps to open their PB on page 35 and point to the characters while you play the audio for a second time.

·    Play the audio again, pausing after each phrase and get Ps to repeat each phrase.


·    Divide the class into three groups.

·    Assign roles and get them to act out the dialogue.

·    You can play the dialogue PB Audio (track Unit -3-Les_2-1) while Ps are acting, for guidance.

·    Tell Ps they are going to tell about their friends. Show Smiling Sam and say, “This is my friend, Sam.” Repeat this sentence several times with Ps.

·    Remind that Smiling Sam has got many friends around the world. Stick flashcards # 14 - 17 (characters) and approaching Smiling Sam puppet to each picture imitate Sam's voice and say, ‘This is my friend, Nick.' etc.

AB p.25 t.1

·    Hold up your AB and trace the line to show Ben. Say, ‘This is my friend, Ben.”

·    Get your Ps to open their ABs and match two halves of every character.

·    Tell Ps to work in pairs saying, ‘This is my friend, and pointing to the corresponding character's halves.”

PB p.35 t.3, 4

·    Get Ps to open their PBs on page 35. Draw their attention to the icon in task 3 and guess who they are going to draw. Pay attention to the photo of the girl. Ps should guess and say ‘friend'.

·    Distribute white sheets of paper and say the instruction in a clear voice, “Draw your friend” twice.

·    Let Ps make their drawings. Then ask a few to come in front of the class and present their friends.

Play a “Memory” Game

·    Draw a simple picture of your imaginary family on the board, your parents, sister and your brother.

·    Describe your family to the class, with their names. Say, “This is my family. This is my father, Mykhailo. This is my mother, Halyna. This is my brother, Petro and this is my sister, Marta.”

·    Then see if Ps can remember the names. Say, ‘This is my father, ... ‘ and make a pause encouraging Ps to remind ‘your father's name'. Continue with the other family members.”

Make a Family Poster

·    Bring big sheets of cardboard to class (if you have a large number of Ps) or one big sheet of card (if you have a small number of Ps) and stick them/it on the wall.

·    Tell Ps to draw one of their family members and help them write their name (the Ps' names) underneath.

·    Ps cut out their pictures and glue them onto the sheet of cardboard.

·    When all Ps have finished, they take turns to point to their family members and introduce them to the other Ps saying, ‘This is my ... (mother) ... (Natalia)”.


·    Sing ‘Goodbye” Song along with your Ps.

·    Ask Ps to bring photos of their family members for the next lesson.