Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 3
Unit 3. Family and Friends


·    to introduce the wh-question

·    to present people


Who is this?


PB, PB Audio, AB, flashcards # 14 - 17 (characters); 31,32,33,34, poster # 3, Smiling Sam puppet, white sheets of paper.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to understand the question ‘Who is this?' and answer it. They will be able to recognise characters in PB. Ps will be able to have a talk using family photos.


·    Put all the photos of family members that Ps have brought on the wall or spread them on a table in a random order.

·    One by one, the children come and point to their own photos and say, “This is my mother. This is my sister.” etc.


·    Stick flashcards with characters of PBs on the board. Take Smiling Sam, the puppet. Pretend you're talking to Sam. Point to every character one by one and ask Sam, “Who is this?” Imitate Sam's voice and answer, “This is my friend, ...” Say ‘thank you' and stick Sam on the board. Address to your Ps. Point to Sam and ask, “Who is this?”. Encourage Ps to answer, “This is Smiling Sam.”

·    Stick poster # 3 and remind the chant. Play PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_6-1). Point to each character who is speaking.

·    Point to every child on the poster and ask, “Who is this?” Your Ps answer (This is Ben /Lou/Sue/etc.).

PB p.36 t.1, 2

·    Get Ps to open PBs on page 36. Tell them that they are going to listen to a dialogue.

·    While Ps are listening to the dialogue, holding up your PB point to the family member who is spoken about each time.


Vic: Who is this?

Liz: This is my mother...

This is my father...

This is my sister...

This is my brother.

·    Get Ps to point to the corresponding family members while you play the audio for a second time.

·    Play the audio again, pausing after each phrase and get Ps to repeat each phrase.


AB p.26 t.1

·    Get Ps to open ABs on page 26. Draw Ps' attention to the pictures with numbers 1 - 5. Hold up your AB and point to number 1. Say, “One. Who is this?” Encourage your Ps to match the picture with a corresponding family member and answer, “This is a mother.”

·    Let Ps do the activity in pairs. Tell them that they should ask and answer taking turns.

Play a “Chain” Game.

·    Stick some photos of your Ps' family members on the wall in a random order.

·    Choose a P to come up to the board. Tell him/her to take a photo and ask a question, “Who is this?”. A P whose family member is in the photo stands up and says, “This is my ...” You put this photo away on the table. The 1st pupil takes his/her seat. The P who answered the question takes a place near the board instead of the previous one and takes another photo asking the same question. The game is going on in a ‘chain'.

Draw a Family.

·    Tell Ps to draw their family members' faces.

·    Let Ps work in pairs. They should ask each other questions pointing to a drawn face and answer using a name of a corresponding family member, e.g. ‘Who is this?” - “This is my sister, Katia.” Ask them to take turns.


·    Encourage your Ps to come in front of the class one by one and showing the photos of their family members present them using their names, e.g., “This is my family. This is my mother, Viktoriia. This is my brother, Mykola.”