Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 4
Unit 3. Family and Friends


·    to practise classroom instructions

·    to introduce new vocabulary

·    to introduce a family tree and some relationships in it

·    to sing a song about a happy family


grandmother, grandfather, granny, uncle, Dan, Emily


Meet my .


Smiling Sam, the puppet; PB, PB Audio, AB, flashcards # 31, 32, 33,34, 35, 36, 37, 38; poster # 12, white sheets of paper, a sheet of a cardboard, glue, scissors.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to make presentations of their families to each other. They will be able to sing a family song along. They will be able to follow classroom instructions. They will be able to make finger puppets.


Play a “Sam Says” Game

·    Use Smiling Sam, the puppet, change your voice to imitate Sam's voice and tell Ps that they must do only what Sam says, e.g., “Sam says, Open the book./ Close the book./Take the bag./Stand up./Clap 3 times./Count up to 6.' etc.

·    Ps must not perform the action if it isn't preceded by the words ‘Sam says'. If a P does so, he/she is out of the game and comes and sits with you and Smiling Sam.


·    Hold up flashcards with grandfather, grandmother and family one by one. Ask Ps to repeat twice after each.

·    Stick poster # 12 on the board and ask Ps what they see on it. Ps say, “A family”. Draw Ps' attention to two fathers and two mothers. Ask Ps to count the children. Ask them to count girls and boys.

·    Explain to Ps that your father's or mother's brother is called ‘uncle'. Draw their attention to the blonde woman and a blonde man. Say that they can be a sister and a brother. Then a child from this mother's family can call mother's brother ‘an uncle'. Repeat this word with your Ps several times and hold up the appropriate flashcard (# 37).

·    Point to the grandmother on the poster and say ‘grandmother', then say ‘granny'. Point to the grandfather in the picture and say ‘grandfather'. The children repeat. Do the same with ‘uncle'. Ask individuals if they have got grandfathers or grandmothers or uncles.

·    Ask Ps to name the family members pointing to them on the poster at random.

·    Introduce the song lyrics line by line. Have the children repeat.


Grandfather and grandmother,

My father and your father,

My mother and your mother,

My sister and your brother.

I love my father Ben.

I love my uncle Dan.

I love my granny Emily,

I love my dear family!

PB p.37 t.1, 2

·    Get Ps to open their PBs on page 37.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit -3-Les_4-1), point to the pictures on the poster and ask the children to point in their books. Play the song again and the children sing along. Repeat as many times as necessary for the children to sing confidently.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit -3-Les_4-2) and ask Ps to point to the family members they hear and repeat after the speaker.


family, uncle, grandmother, granny, grandfather


·    Ask a few volunteers to come to the front of the class. He/She should point to each family member on the poster and say e.g., “This is a grandmother”.

·    Have a talk with Ps. Point to ‘father', ‘uncle', ‘granny' and ask, “Who is this?”. Encourage them to answer, “This is father Ben.” (“This is uncle Dan.” “This is granny Emily.”)

AB p.27 t.1

·    Draw a family tree with a pair of grandparents but two fathers and two mothers and their children (who are cousins) on the board and explain to Ps the relationships between the two families. Say, “This is a Family Tree”. Have Ps to repeat it twice.

·    Get Ps to open ABs on page 27. Draw their attention to a family tree and a boy at the bottom of it. Explain to Ps that the boy presents his family members. Ps should help him to match the members at the top with their numbered shapes on the tree.

·    Ps match the members. They can work in pairs. P1 asks a question about the shape # 1, “One. Who is this?”. P2 draws the line to connect the corresponding picture with its shape and answers, “This is a ... (grandmother)”. Alternatively, Ps can draw similar pictures of family members' faces coping the colours.

·    Ask a few to come to the front of the class with AB and to pretend this is their family. Each P should present ‘his/her family' pointing to every member and saying, “This is my family. This is my grandfather.” etc.”

Make a Finger Family.

·    Students draw family members (real or imaginary) on pieces of oval or square cardboard, then glue the card to a strip of paper. (Ask Ps to see the instructions in their PBs on page 38 and follow the numbered steps.) Explain to them the steps they should take. Students cut the strip to the correct length to fit round their fingers and then stick the ends together to make a ring shape.

·    Students wear their ‘family' on their fingers.

·    Show your family to the class and do your presentation. (“Hello! I am ... (your name). Meet my family. This is my grandfather, (name)” etc.)

·    Students wear their finger puppets and introduce in turns their family to each other in pairs following your example of presentation.

·    The student who is listening says “Hello!” or “Hi!”

·    Invite volunteers to the front to introduce their family to the class.


·    Play PB Audio (track Unit -3-Les_4-1) and sing the song along with your Ps.

·    Wave your hand and say ‘Goodbye' to your Ps.