Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 1
Unit 1. Hello, Friends!


·    to introduce oneself

·    to say ‘hello'

·    to identify and respond to instructions


say, act out, I, Smiling Sam


Hello! Hi! Hooray! I'm . Hello, Sam!


Smiling Sam, the puppet, Multimedia Programme (MP), flashcards from your Teacher's Set (# 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14), PB Audio, Activity Book (AB), AB audio.


At the end of the lesson Ps can greet friends saying ‘hello'. They can introduce themselves saying ‘I am ...'. They can point to the appropriate icon after listening the instruction.


·    Use the puppet of Smiling Sam from your Teacher's Set. Imitate Smiling Sam's voice and say, ‘Hello, I am Smiling Sam.'

·    Say ‘Hello, Sam!' to the puppet and encourage your Ps to greet Sam repeating after you.

·    Stick the puppet on the board. Ask your Ps to say ‘hello' to each other in pairs. Pay attention to the correct sounds [h] and [ǝʊ] in the word.


·    Explain to Ps that they are going to listen to the ‘Hello Song' with which they'll start every lesson.

MP Unit 1 Song 1

·    Play MP Unit 1 Songs and Rhymes #1 to familiarise Ps with the tune. Get them to hum the tune.


Hello, hello, hello!

Hello, friends, hello!

Hello - Hi!

Hello - Hi!

Hooray! Hello - Hi!

Hooray! Hello - Hi!

·    Play the song one more time and encourage Ps to sing along with Smiling Sam.

·    Sing along with Ps.

PB audio (track Unit -1-les_1-1)

·    Take a flashcard # 14 (Liz) and stick it on the board next to Sam. Tell Ps that they are going to listen to the audio. While Ps are listening, point to the character who is speaking each time.


Sam: Hello, I am Smiling Sam.

Liz: Hello, Sam!

·    Then ask a few Ps to come up and point to the characters while you play the audio for the second and third times.

·    Play the audio again, pausing after each phrase and get Ps to repeat.


·    Take a puppet of Smiling Sam and come up to several pupils. Imitate Sam's voice and say ‘Hello, I'm Smiling Sam'. Encourage your Ps to greet Sam, ‘Hello, Sam!”

AB p.5 t.1.

·    Get your Ps to open their AB and colour a picture of Smiling Sam in it. Ps colour the picture.

·    Ask a few Ps to come up with their coloured pictures and pretend they speak its voice presenting ‘Hello! I'm Smiling Sam' in front of the class. The class should respond, ‘Hello, Sam!'.

Play a 'Hot Potato' Game.

·    Get Ps to sit in a circle.

·    Make a ball out of a scrunched-up piece of paper and hold it saying, ‘Hello. I am + (name)'.

·    Give Ps the ball and tell them to pass it to each other. At some point say, ‘Stop'. The P who has the ball has to stand up and introduce himself/herself saying, ‘Hello. I am...'.

·    Play the game until all Ps have introduced themselves to the class.

Multimedia Programme (MP). Introduction. Presentation 2.

·    Tell your Ps that they are going to watch the screen, listen and repeat all the instructions of Smiling Sam in English. Play your MP (do pauses if necessary.)

MP Introduction. Game 1.

·    Play the MP and ask your Ps to come up one by one to click the right icon after listening each instruction.

·    Stick the flashcards with icons (Teacher's Set.

·    Flashcards # 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10) on the board. Explain to your Ps that you're going to play a game with them. You say instructions and they should point to the right icons. Ask a few Ps to come up to the board. Say 2-3 instructions at random for each pupil.

·    Hold up flashcards # 3, 4, 12 and ask your Ps to guess what instructions they mean. Say the instructions properly (3. Listen and repeat. 4. Listen and point. 12. Point and say.). Encourage your Ps to repeat.


Flashcards # 7, 3.

·    Tell your Ps that they are going to do Sam's instructions. Hold up flashcard # 7 (Listen and sing). Play PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_1-1) with “Hello” song and sing it along with your Ps.

·    Hold up flashcard # 3 (Listen and repeat). Play PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_1-2) with pauses and ask your Ps to repeat each phrase.

·    Ask your Ps to bring their photos for the next lesson.

·    Use the puppet of Smiling Sam from your Teacher's Set and imitating Sam's voice say ‘Goodbye!'.