Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 6. Revision
Unit 4. My Pets


·    to review the language of the unit in games

·    to reflect on Ps' learning

Recycled language:

colours, pets, farm animals, adjectives to describe animals


PB, PB Audio, AB, AB Audio, flashcards # 4150; # 61-68, mini-flashcards with pets and animals.


By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to understand presentations of pets. They will be able to present their and someone's pet. Ps will be able to use the vocabulary and the structures of the unit in games and songs.


·    Start with singing the songs of the unit. Use PB Audio (track Unit -4-Les_3-1); PB Audio (track Unit -4-Les_4-2) and PB Audio (track Unit -4-Les_5-5) to sing along with your Ps.


PB. p.54 t.1

·    Get Ps to open their PBs. Draw their attention to the photos of animals in task 1. Tell them they should listen to the speaker (audio) and say the number of the corresponding photo of the animal.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit -4-Les_6-1) making pauses for Ps to say the number of the photo.


·    It's a goose.

·    It's a turtle.

·    It's a sheep.

·    It's a bird.

·    It's a cow.

·    It's a mouse.


Play a Game with Flashcards

·    Stick six flashcards with pets and farm animals on the board in some order.

·    Choose a P to come up to the board.

·    Ask the rest of the Ps to look at the pictures carefully for a few seconds and tell them to close their eyes.

·    The P near the board has to change the order of the flashcards.

·    After he/she has done it, the rest of the Ps open their eyes and try to remember how the order used to be.

·    You ask another P to put the order back. The rest of the class help him/her saying, “It's a ...

·    Repeat the procedure with 3 different sets of flashcards and Ps.

PB. p.54 t.2

·    Draw Ps' attention to the pictures at the bottom of page 54 in PB. Tell Ps they are going to listen to four children who tell about their pets. Explain to Ps that they should choose the appropriate pet out of two saying, ‘One' or ‘Two'.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit -4-Les_6-2). Make a pause after each child. Ps should choose a pet saying the number of the picture's order.


·    I have got a hamster. It is red.

·    I have got a mouse. It is grey.

·    I have got a cat. It is big.

·    I have got a horse. It is brown.

Play ‘Bingo’

·    Tell your Ps that you are going to play “Bingo”. Get your Ps to open their ABs on page 84. Draw their attention to the white field on the page and say that it has nine equal spaces. Remind the Ps that they should use those 3 counters which they made earlier. Alternatively, they can cut out them of coloured sheet of paper now.

·    Explain to Ps that they'll use their mini-flashcards of pets and farm animals.

·    Remind Ps the rules of the game in the native language (see the box below).

‘Bingo’ Rules.

1 Explain to Ps that all the pictures in their envelopes are the game cards.

2 Ps should choose 9 of them and put them on the white field on page 84.

3 The teacher names any of the cards saying e.g., “a pink pig”.

4 Ps who have the same game card cover it with a coloured counter. A teacher keeps notes of the things he/she has called.

5 Once a P has covered three pictures in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, he/she calls, ‘Bingo!' The winner is the first P to call ‘Bingo!'.

6 You may check if the winner has covered the correct game cards by asking, ‘What is this?’ Note. Alternatively, you can choose a P to become a “new teacher” to call out the animal. He/She should name the pet's colour, too.

PB. p.55 t.3

·    Draw Ps' attention to page 55 in their PBs and explain to them that Smiling Sam's friends like drawing and in this task they demonstrate their pictures.

·    Ask four volunteers to tell about the children's pets which they have depicted.

·    Each P tells about the pets depicted by one character. E.g., “Nick has got a white rabbit. He has got a pink pig. He has got a brown turtle, too.

AB. p.39 t.1

·    Get Ps to open their ABs and take their pencils of different colours. Explain to Ps that they are going to listen to the speaker and colour each pencil on the page with the appropriate pencil. Play AB Audio (track Act.Book_Smiling Sam - U 4 - p 39_task1) and let Ps colour.


Blue, yellow, red, brown, black, grey, orange, green, pink.

·    Choose a P who has done the task correctly and ask him/her to come to the front of the class with his/ her AB. Ask him/her to hold the AB up and point to each colour according to the speaker‘s voice. Play the audio and make pauses to let Ps check if they have used the right colour.

·    Tell Ps they are going to do task 2 in their ABs in pairs. They should name a pet and its colour to his/ her partner and put a tick. Ask them to take turns.

·    After Ps have done the task explain to them that they should change their ABs with each other and draw a Smiling Sam's face out of three in his/her classmate's AB. They should be ready to explain their variant of face choice in the native language.

·    Have a talk in their native language about what Ps like about learning the animals and what they didn't like. What was easy and what was difficult.


Play “Present Your Pet” Game

·    Arrange your Ps to sit in a large circle. Hand out up to nine animals/pets. Point to a P who has a flashcard and say, “Present your pet.” He/She answers, “I have got a .... (the name of a pet). It’s ... (colour). Do the same with the others who have flashcards.

·    Play music. Ps pass the flashcards clockwise (to the left). When the music stops, the Ps with flashcards say what they have got.