Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 2
Unit 1. Hello, Friends!


·    to introduce characters of the course

·    to pronounce English names

·    to identify instructions / icons


Liz, Nick, Ben, Vic


Hello, I'm ...


Smiling Sam, the puppet, poster # 1 and flashcards (# 3, 12, 14 - 17) from Teacher's Set, MP, AB, PB Audio, AB Audio.


At the end of the lesson Ps can greet characters of the book using their names. They can respond to the instructions ‘Listen and repeat' and ‘Point and say'.


·    Start the lesson with playing the audio of ‘Hello' Song (PB Audio track Unit -1-Les_1-1).

·    Holding up Smiling Sam, the puppet, show it as if it sings.

·    Sing the song along with your Ps.


·    Stick poster # 1 on the board and draw Ps' attention to the Smilephone. Explain that Sam's friends want to get acquainted with your Ps.

·    Play the PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_2-1) with pauses after each character. Encourage your Ps to say ‘hello' to each character saying his/her name, “Hello, Liz (Nick, Ben, Vic)”.


·    Play the PB Audio again without pauses. Pay attention that it sounds like a rhyme. Repeat the rhyme yourself pointing to each character, then encourage your Ps to do the same. Repeat the rhyme twice.

AB p.6 t.1.

·    Get Ps to open their AB on page 6. Draw their attention to the Smilephone. Tell them that they are Sam's friends now and they should appear on Sam's Smilephone. Ps should stick their photos or draw themselves on the screen of the Smilephone.

·    Take Sam, the puppet, and ask each pupil to show their photo/drawing on the Smilephone and present himself/herself saying, ‘Hello, I am ... (Natalia, Mykhailyk etc).

·    You greet everyone with Smiling Sam's voice holding the puppet, “Hello, ... (Natalia, Mykhailyk, ...)

MP introduction.

·    Play MP (Presentation 2) to remind the associations of the instructions with their icons.

·    Play MP (Game 2) and ask Ps to come up one by one to click the appropriate icon after listening each instruction.

Flashcards # 3, 12.

·    Draw Ps' attention to flashcards # 3 and 12. Point to each icon saying, ‘Listen and repeat' (# 3), ‘Point and say' (#12) to your Ps. Repeat twice.

·    Explain to your Ps that they are going to do what Smiling Sam says. First hold up flashcard #3 and play the PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_2-1). Point to each character on the poster #1 and get your Ps to repeat the lines of the rhyme (Do pauses if necessary).

·    Hold up flashcard #12, pronounce “Point and say”. Ask some volunteers to come up to the poster one by one and say the rhyme pointing to each character.


·    Ask a few pupils to come up to the poster. Say characters' presentations at random, a pupil points to the appropriate character.

·    Take Sam, the puppet, and imitating its voice say ‘Great!', ‘You're great pupils!', then ‘Goodbye!' Encourage Ps to answer ‘goodbye' to Sam.

·    Ask your Ps to bring safe pins and scissors for the next lesson. Wave your hand to say ‘goodbye' to your Ps. Encourage them to answer ‘goodbye' to you.