Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 3
Unit 1. Hello, Friends!


·    to introduce English names

·    to greet friends

·    to identify the characters of the course

·    to practise saying ‘goodbye'.


Mary, Sue, Lou, Harry


Hello, I'm Lou. — Hello, Lou!


Smiling Sam, the puppet, poster # 1 and flashcards (# 14 - 17) from your Teacher's Set, MP, AB, PB Audio, sheets of paper, scissors, markers, pins.


Ps can point to a character and say his/her name. They can greet friends. They can make name badges and use them introducing themselves.


·    Start the lesson with singing the ‘Hello' song.

·    Use the flashcards of characters (#14 - 17) and hold them up one by one in the order of the rhyme. Imitate each character's voice and say their presentations. Do pauses after each presentation encouraging your Ps to greet every character (Hello, Liz! Etc).

·    Distribute the flashcards to four of your Ps and ask them to stand in front of the class and pretend to be Liz, Nick, Ben and Vic at random. Every P presents himself/herself as a character. The class greets him /her using everyone's name.


PB Audio (track Unit -1-les_3-1).

·    Explain to Ps that they're going to listen to a new rhyme with English names and they should raise their right hand if they hear an unknown name. Play the PB Audio.

·    Remind Ps that Smiling Sam has got many friends around the world and their names are different. Pronounce new names Mary, Sue, Lou, Harry. Encourage your Ps to imitate the correct English sounds [r] Mary; [h] Harry; [ɪ] Vic, Nick, Liz.

·    Play the audio again asking Ps to repeat in pauses after each line.


·    Stick flashcards with characters on the board in this order: Liz, Vic, Ben, Nick. Divide girls' names from the boys' names by a vertical line to make 2 columns. Draw the faces of Mary and Sue under Liz and Vic and explain that these are girls' names. Ask Ps to pronounce the names again as you point to each one. Ask two Ps to come up one by one and draw the boys' faces, Harry and Lou by names (under Ben and Nick). Pronounce the names again as you point to each one.

·    Play the PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_3-1) pointing to the appropriate characters on the board. Encourage your Ps to repeat the chant after you following your pointing to the characters. Ask them to say the chant with you several times, doing it faster and faster. Ask a few volunteers to come up to the board, point and say the names.

AB p.7 t.1.

·    Have Ps to open their AB on page 7 and recognise the main characters of the course in the bottom line of the page. Draw Ps' attention to the number of each character. They find and match the pictures of one and the same character putting his/her number in each box below. Ask a few Ps to show the characters holding their AB in front of the class with pointing to the right two pictures of a character and saying his/her name.

Making a Name Badge.

·    Tell Ps that they're going to make their name badges. Explain to them what a name badge is. Show the ready-made badge on yourself. Then draw the instructions in pictures on the board (see electronic version of PB, page 11, task 3). Point to each picture and do the appropriate action yourself showing how you can make a badge with your friend's name. (Match each instruction picture with your action!).

·    Distribute white sheets of paper to Ps. Your Ps make their badges, you come up to everyone to write their names in English and to those who needs your extra help. When badges are ready ask them to pin them on their clothes carefully.

·    Explain to Ps that they're going to work in pairs. Demonstrate a talk with one of the Ps in front of the class. Point to your name badge and say, “Hello, I am ... (e.g. Anna Vasylivna).” Encourage Ps to say, “Hello, Anna Vasylivna! I am ... (Petryk).” Every pupil should point to his/her name badge. Then you say as if you read the name on the badge, “Hello, Petryk!”.

·    Ps work in pairs introducing and greeting each other. You ask 3-4 pairs to demonstrate their talks in front of the class.


·    Ask Ps to say ‘goodbye' to every character on the board taking away or wiping the drawing of each one in order of the chant:

Goodbye, Liz. Goodbye, Vic.

Goodbye, Mary, Goodbye, Sue.

Goodbye, Ben. Goodbye, Nick.

Goodbye, Harry. Goodbye, Lou.

·    Praise your Ps saying, “Great! You're great pupils!”. Wave your hand saying ‘goodbye'. Encourage Ps to say it back.