Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 4
Unit 1. Hello, Friends!


·    to introduce the question ‘What is your name?”

·    to recycle English names

·    develop skills of pairwork.


your, my


— What's your name? — My name is.


AB, PB Audio, a ball, an unknown hand puppet


Ps can respond to the question ‘What is your name?”. They can identify characters. They can say ‘goodbye' after the lesson.


·    After singing the ‘Hello' song get Ps to sit in a circle.

·    Play the chant (PB Audio track Unit -1-Les_3-1) and say it along with your Ps. Say a name from the chant and throw the ball to any pupil to get them catch it and say another name throwing the ball to one of the other Ps. Say the chant along with the Ps name by name and play with the ball at the same time.


·    Take any new hand puppet and ask it, “What is your name?”. Answer the question imitating your puppet's voice. For example, “My name is Max (Kate).” Then the puppet asks your name, “What is your name?”. Answer saying your real name, “My name is ... (Anna Vasylivna).” Then come up to some pupils one by one and imitating the puppet's voice ask them their names. Your Ps should guess the question and pronounce their names.

AB p.8

·    Get Ps to open their AB on page 8. Draw their attention to the pictures. Ask Ps where the children on the pictures are and what they think they are doing.

PB audio track Unit -1-les_4-1

·    Introduce the lines of the song word by word and ask Ps to repeat.


— What is your name?

— My name is Harry.

— What is your name?

— My name is Mary.

— What is your name?

— My name is Nick.

— What is your name?

— My name is Vic.

— Hello, Vic!

— Hello, Mary!

— Hello, Nick!

— Hello, Harry!

·    Drill bigger chunks until Ps are comfortably repeating the complete line after you, then move on to the next line.

·    Tell your Ps that they are going to listen to the song and find the familiar characters on the pictures on page 8 in their AB when they hear their names. Play the PB Audio (track Unit -1-Les_4-1).

·    Play the song again, Ps try to sing along. Repeat the song as many times as necessary until your Ps are singing confidently.


·    Divide the class into two groups, one sings the question and the other sings the answer.

·    Ask Ps to sing the song pointing to the appropriate pair of characters.

AB p.8 task 1

·    Get your Ps to colour the characters on page 8 in their AB.

·    Explain to your Ps that they are going to work in pairs. One should ask a question, the other should answer it pointing to the right character.

Play a ball Game.

·    Get Ps to sit in a circle.

·    Get pupils to throw and catch the ball. Pupil 1 who throws the ball asks Pupil 2 about his name. The pupil who catches the ball answers and asks Pupil 3 throwing the ball to him/her and so on.


·    Take your hand puppet and imitating its voice address to Ps saying, “Well done, children! You're great pupils! Goodbye!” Ps say ‘goodbye' to the puppet saying its name.

·    Wave your hand and say ‘goodbye' to your Ps.