Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на перше півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 6
Unit 1. Hello, Friends!


·    to introduce greetings of people you know well;

·    to respond to the question ‘How are you?”

·    to introduce combined instructions.




How are you?-I'm fine.


poster # 3 and flashcards # 3, 4, 9 from Teacher's Set, MP, AB, PB Audio, a ball


Ps can respond to their friends' greetings. They can identify new icons with instructions. They can guess variations of combined instructions.


·    Sing the “Hello” song. Then come up to some pupils saying, “Hi, . (Andrijko)! Nice to meet you.” Rise your hand and wave to another pupil saying, “Hi, . (Olenko)! Nice to meet you!” Ps try to answer “Hello” or “Hi”.

·    Take Sam, the puppet, and say to it, “Hi, Sam! Nice to meet you!”. Encourage Ps to repeat this greeting to Sam after you. Stick the puppet on the board.


·    Introduce a chant playing your MP Unit 1 Songs and Rhymes #3

·    Draw Ps' attention to the poster #3 that is stuck on the board. Ask children where the children are and what they think they are doing (they are friends and they greet each other).

·    Point to each character and name him/her twice. Encourage your Ps to repeat. (Lou is on the left. Ted and Sue are on the right.)

Play PB audio track Unit -1-les_6-1.


— Hi, Ted! Nice to meet you.

— Hi, Lou! Nice to meet you!

— Hello, Sue! How are you?

— I'm fine, Lou. And how are you?

·    Take Sam, the puppet, and ask him “Hi, Sam. How are you?”. Imitate Sam's voice and answer, “I'm fine. And how are you?”. Answer Sam's question saying, “I am fine.”


·    Come up to one of your Ps with a ball. Throw the ball to him/her asking, “Hello, ... (Sashko)! How are you?” Elicit pupil's answer, “I'm fine. And how are you?”. Repeat several times.

·    Explain to Ps that you're going to play a ball game. Ask Ps to sit in a circle. Throw the ball to everyone saying, “Hello, ... . How are you?” Every pupil should throw the ball back saying, “I'm fine. And how are you?”

PB audio track Unit -1-les_6-1.

·    Hold up flashcard # 4 (Listen and point), play the PB Audio pointing to every character who is speaking each time. Ask a few Ps to come up and point to the characters while listening to the PB Audio.

·    Hold up flashcard # 3 (Listen and repeat). Say the instruction along with your Ps. Ask Ps to repeat each line of the chant and play the audio again with pauses. Do it twice.

·    Say the chant along with your Ps again.

·    Hold up flashcard # 9 (Act out) and say the instruction along with your Ps twice. Divide Ps into groups of 3. Encourage them to reproduce the chant with the help of their dolls or teddy-bears. Ask them to name their dolls first choosing one of the three names (Lou, Ben or Sue).

AB p.10 task 1

·    Get your Ps to open AB on page 10 and colour the teddy bears.

·    Ask volunteers to come up and demonstrate their colourings with saying the chant.


Play a ‘Say Hello’ Game.

·    Ps stand in two lines facing each other. They should talk with partners in front of them (in pairs) using their real names.

— Hi, Lida. Nice to meet you.

— Hello, Ann. Nice to meet you.

— How are you?

— I am fine. And how are you?

·    Pupils move along the lines and change their partners so they can talk with everyone in the class.

·    Sing ‘Goodbye' song along with your Ps.