Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на друге півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 5
Unit 6. Happy Birthday!


·    to introduce a new structure

·    to practise letters and their phonics

·    to practise toys vocabulary

·    to practise numbers 1-10

·    to practise structures ‘Happy Birthday!’; ‘What's this?’; ‘Wow! It's a...’; ‘Thank you!’


come in


Come in. Thank you.


PB, AB, PB Audio, flashcards # 125-142, paper cake, stickers with numbers 1-10 (numbers can repeat), poster # 25, toy box, headscarf, stick, dice, markers (tokens)


By the end of the lesson Ps will be able to use the phrases ‘Come in.’ and ‘Thank you.’. They will be able to act out the dialogue according to the sample.


Big Races

·    Organise the class into two or three separate teams (depending on the size of the class) and get them to sit in lines facing the board. Number each P in a team from 1 to 10.

·    Explain to Ps that you are going to call out a number and the P with that number from each team should run up to the board and write the letter you shout.

·    The team with the largest amount of the correct letters wins the game.


PB p.74, t.1

·    Show Ps a paper cake and tell them that you have numbers inside it.

·    Tell Ps that you are going to play a game.

·    Ask each P to come and pick a sticker from the paper cake. Tell them not to look at it and to stick the sticker to their forehead.

·    Split Ps into pairs and get them to ask each other questions and answer them, e.g. P1 asks P2, ‘How old are you?’. P2 has three attempts to guess what number is in his sticker, he/she answers ‘I'm 1/3/4.’ If P2 doesn't guess his/her number, P1 asks P3 a question, ‘How old is he/she (P2)?’ and P3 says, ‘She is 6.’


PB p.74, t.2

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit-6-Les_5-2) pointing to the poster # 25.


- Happy birthday!

- Hello, come in. What's this?

- Wow! It's a bike! Thank you!

·    Explain to Ps the meaning of the phrase ‘Come in.’

·    Explain to Ps the importance of being polite and saying ‘Thank you.’.

·    Play the audio again making pauses for Ps to repeat.

PB p.74, t.4

·    Tell Ps that today is a magic day and everyone has birthdays today.

·    Take your toy box and put it on a desk. Tell Ps to come and take a toy they want for their birthday.

·    Split Ps into pairs and say that they have to congratulate each other and give the gift (the toy).

·    Play the audio making pauses and let the children act out the dialogue. Let them finish the phrase with the name of the gift as they have different gifts.

·    Ask volunteers to come to the front of the class and act out the dialogue.

PB p.74, t.3

·    Tell Ps that they are going to play a game.

·    Show them a stick and a headscarf and tell that the girls are going to play the role of granny and the boys are going to be grandfathers.

·    Ask three volunteers to come to the front of the class (preferably a boy and two girls).

·    Ask the girls to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will be granny.

·    Give a stick to the boy and a headscarf to the girl (granny).

·    Play the PB Audio (track Unit-6-Les_5-2) and let Ps play their roles.

·    Then ask other volunteers.

·    Try to let them play without the audio support. Encourage them to use their emotions and play like real actors and actresses.


PB pp.71-72

·    Get Ps to open their PB on pp. 71 - 72.

·    Revise the name of the letter ‘Ee’ and its friend using PB Audio track Unit 6-Les_3-1.

·    Revise the phonic of the letter ‘Ee’ using PB Audio track Unit 6-Les_3-2.

·    Follow the procedures above to revise letters ‘Ff’, ‘Gg’ and ‘Hh’. Use PB pp.71-72 and corresponding PB audio tracks.

ABC Practice Book

·    Get Ps open their ABC PB on pp.3-4 and trace over the letters in the second line of each letter block.