Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на друге півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 4
Unit 7. My Food


·    to introduce new vocabulary

·    to practise letters ‘Mm’, ‘Nn’, ‘Oo’, ‘Pp’

·    to introduce and practise structures ‘No, thank you’, ‘Yes please’


menu, water, tea, coffee, cocoa, milk, chocolate, ice-cream


Tea? - No, thank you.; Coffee or cocoa? - Cocoa, please.


PB, AB, PB Audio, MP, flashcards # 102-107, 89101, poster # 27, pencils of different colours, sheets of paper, markers (tokens) for Bingo


By the end of the lesson Ps will be able to ask and answer the questions about the menu. They will be able to say what food or drink they prefer.


What's Missing?

·    Get Ps to sit in a circle. Put the flashcards # 133,134, 151-156 on the floor. Tell Ps to remember the flashcards. Explain to them that they should close their eyes while you remove one flashcard at a time. After that they should guess which flashcard is missing.


MP Unit 7 Presentation 1

·    Play MP (Unit-7-Presentation-1), start with word ‘milk’.


milk, cocoa, tea, coffee, water, ice cream, chocolate

·    Stick the poster # 27 to the board and draw Ps' attention to the picture. Point to the pictures of food and drinks that are in the poster and say that this is a menu. Explain to them the meaning of the word ‘menu’. Ask Ps whether they know what it is. Let them use their native language.

PB p. 85, t.1

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit-7-Les_4-1) and show the flashcards # 102-107 according to the speaker.


menu, milk, cocoa, tea, coffee, water, ice cream, chocolate

·    Play the audio again making pauses for Ps to repeat.


PB p. 85, t.2

·    Tell Ps that they are going to listen to the audio and draw their attention to the pictures in PB.

·    Ask them to point to the pictures with their index finger according to what the speaker says. Help Ps by showing the flashcards.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit-7-Les_4-1)

·    Ask a volunteer to come up to the poster. You say a word and let the P point to the picture you name.

PB p. 85, t.3

·    Point to the poster # 27 and tell Ps that they are going to listen to the conversation of Smiling Sam and Liz.

·    Play PB Audio (track Unit-7-Les_4-3) and point to each character according to the speaker.


Smiling Sam: Water?

Liz: No.

Smiling Sam: Tea?

Liz: No, thank you.

Smiling Sam: Coffee or cocoa?

Liz: Cocoa, please.

·    Play the audio again making pauses for Ps to repeat. Do it twice.

PB p. 85, t.4

·    Hand out sheets of paper and ask Ps to take their pencils and crayons. Tell them to draw their own menu.

PB p. 85, t.5

·    Divide Ps into pairs, and let them make the dialogues using their own menus. Help them if needed.

·    Ask several pairs of volunteers to come to the front of the classroom and act out the dialogue.

AB p. 64-65, t.1, 2

·    Explain to Ps that they should choose 6 pictures in task 3 and draw them in boxes.

·    After they do this, they should draw the rest of the pictures in task 2.

·    Give them some time to do this.


AB p. 65, t.3 Play Bingo

·    Ask Ps to colour the pictures and cut them out.

·    Tell them that they are going to play Bingo.

·    Explain to them that they have a card with pictures. You are going to call out a word and they should put a marker (token) on the appropriate picture, then you call out another word and so forth. The first P to match 3 pictures in a row and shout ‘Bingo' is the winner.