Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на друге півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 2
Unit 8. I can play


• to introduce new vocabulary

• to practise structures ‘I can’, ‘We can’

• to introduce and practise structures ‘I can't ...’; ‘He/She can ...’; He/She can't ...’


play football, draw, sing


He/She can ...; He/She can't ...


PB, AB, PB Audio, AB Audio, MP, flashcards # 113-122


By the end of the lesson Ps will be able to point and name new words. They will be able to show the movements of the words. They will say what somebody can or can't do.


·    Review the letters. Tell Ps to write the letters they hear.

·    Say, ‘f, g, h, l, n, p, q, r, s, t’ pausing between each letter.

·    Write all the letters on the board and ask Ps to check themselves.

·    Call a P and name any letter from the line of letters on the board. Say a P that he\she should circle the letter you named. Repeat with other letters and Ps.


·    Take flashcards # 113-118,120, face them down and ask Ps to come, take a flashcard, show it to others and name it using the phrase, ‘I/we can ...’.

PB p. 94, t.1

·    Tell Ps that they are going to listen to the audio. Draw their attention to the ticks and crosses near the pictures in Task 1. Hold up your PB and point to the pictures.

·    Explain to them that if there is a tick near the picture it means the child can do something, and if there is a cross then he/she can't.

·    Play the PB Audio (track Unit-8-Les_2-1) and get Ps to listen and point to the pictures in their PBs with their index finger.


She can draw.

She can run.

She can't swim.

She can't hop.

She can't ride a bike.

She can't play football.

·    Play the audio again making pauses for Ps to repeat.


AB p.73, t.1

·    Get Ps to open their ABs on page 73.

·    Tell them that they are going to listen to the audio and put a tick or a cross into the empty squares according to what the speaker says.

·    Play AB Audio (track Unit-8_p 73_Les_2_task1) making pauses for Ps to put a tick or a cross.


Hello, I'm Max. I am six. I can run and I can jump. I can't swim, but I can play football. I can't fly, but I can climb a tree. I can't sing, but I can draw. And I can ride a bike. Hooray!

PB p. 94, t.2

·    Draw Ps' attention to the next task.

·    Tell Ps to make similar sentences according to the pictures.

·    Ask several Ps to come to the front of the class and holding their PBs tell what children can or can't do.

PB p. 94, t.3

·    Put the flashcards # 113-122 on a desk face down.

·    Ask Ps to come up to the desk one by one and pick up two flashcards and say whether he/she can or can't do the activities that are shown in the flashcards.

·    You may mix the flashcards after each P to confuse them.


MP Unit 8 Songs and Rhymes 1

PB p. 94, t.4

·    Tell Ps that they are going to listen to a song.

·    Play MP (Unit-8-Songs_and_Rhymes-1) and get Ps to watch the screen. or Play PB Audio (track Unit-8-Les_2-4) and draw Ps' attention to the picture. Hold up your PB and point to each character according to the speaker.


I can swim but cannot run.

I can swim but cannot jump.

I can swim but cannot hop.

I can jump but cannot stop!

·    Play the audio again making pauses for Ps to repeat.

·    Play the audio one more time and try to sing and ‘dance’ the song. Make movements according to the speaker, e.g. ‘I can swim.’ - you show movements with your arms as if you swim; ‘... but cannot run’ - you show movement as if you run on the spot and so forth.