Англійська мова - Поурочні розробки для вчителя на друге півріччя у 1 класі НУШ - О. Карпюк 2018

Lesson 3
Unit 8. I can play


·    to say, recognize and write the letters ‘Uu’, ‘Vv’, ‘Ww’, ‘Xx’

·    to recognize and say the sounds [Λ], [v], [w], [ks]

·    to develop fine motor control


umbrella, violet, wolf, wig, ox


‘Every letter makes a sound', 'The 'Uu'/Vv'/'Ww'/'Xx' says H/[v]/[w]/[ks]'


PB, AB, PB Audio, MP, ABC Practice Book, flashcards # 165-172


By the end of the lesson Ps will be able to identify the letters ‘Uu’, ‘Vv’, ‘Ww’, ‘Xx’ and their phonics.


·    Give letter's friends flashcards to individual Ps around the class. Give the corresponding letters flashcards to different Ps.

·    Ask the Ps with letters flashcards to stand up one at a time and say the sound a letter make.

·    The Ps with letter's friends flashcards listen. If the sound corresponds with the initial sound of the letter's friend, they stand up, show the card to the class and say the name of the letter's friend.


·    Introduce new words and revise the previous ones: uncle, Vicky, wolf and ox with the flashcards # 165. 167 169, 171 following the familiar procedures of the previous lessons.

·    Work with introducing a letter (Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx) and its phonic with each letter separately following the procedures of the previous lessons (e.g. Unit 7 lesson 3). For this use the following scheme.

1) Learn each new phonic following the familiar procedures from e.g. Unit 7 lesson 3.

2) Drill: [Λ] uncle, [Λ] Upton, [Λ] umbrella. Encourage Ps to drill with you changing the speed.

3) Learn letter names listening and repeating Smiling Sam's letter presentations.

Use PB Audio (track Unit-8-Les_3-1, track Unit-8-Les_3-3, track Unit-8-Les_3-5, track Unit-8-Les_8-7) and letter flashcards.


Use MP Unit-8-Letters_and_Sounds-Uu (Vv, Ww, Xx).

4) Tell Ps to find all the letters that are learnt on ABC poster (# 35) in the alphabet. Repeat all the letters of the alphabet from ‘A' pointing to and naming each letter till the target letter.


5) Use letter formation procedures as in Unit 7 Lesson 3 presented.

6) Use ABC Practice Book for your Ps to practise tracing over the target letter. Follow the familiar procedures.

7) Sing a phonic song for every letter following the familiar procedures and using PB Audio (track Unit-8-Les_3-2, Unit-8-Les_3-4, Unit-8-Les_3-6, Unit-8-Les_3-8) for each letter separately.


Play MP Unit-8-Letters_and_Sounds-Phonic_Song-1 (234.

Movement Game

·    Get Ps to stand in a circle. Make sure there is enough space (stretch arm length) between each other.

·    Explain to Ps that they are going to play a game.

·    Tell them that you will call out a command, e.g. ‘You can hop.’ and Ps should do the movement, in this case they should hop and so on.


AB p.75

·    Draw Ps' attention to task 5 on page 75 and explain them what to do.


·    AB p.75, t.3, 4