English - Англійська мова розробки уроків та методичні рекомендації - Нова українська школа

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Animals. Урок 2

Animals. Урок 3

At our school!

Computer and holidays. Iгрові технології

Day by Day

Days of the Week. School Subjects

Did you see Vicky yesterday? (Ти бачив Вікі вчора?)

Different Seasons – Different Colours

English is fun

Free time. Actions

Fruits. Фрукти

Funny competitions «Learn English with Fun»

Home, sweet home

Little Red Riding Hood

Meet my family

Moя кімната. My Living Room

Mums birthday present

My Daily Routine

My family

My family. Урок 2

My favorite food

My favourite lesson

My flat. My house

My friend's family

My home. Preposition of place

My Room

Our Solar System

Parts of the Body

Preparing Food. Recipes


Professions. Урок 2

Seasons. Пори року

Seasons. Weather

Seasons and Weather

Seasons and Weather. Урок 2

Sing a song


Spring Holidays. Easter

Story Time. Listening and Writing Skills Development

The Best Zoo In The World

The haunted house. Будинок з привидами. Мій будинок

The Little Red Hen

The world of professions

The World of Sea Creatures

Time and My day

Times of the Day

We are cooking Sunday dinner. Вивчення нової лексики


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